Warranty Information

At incrediDeals, we prioritize customer satisfaction by providing clear and transparent warranty information on every device page.

All devices include a 1-year warranty. Discover the various warranty details on each product page. It's essential to identify the distinctions between each warranty type.

Official Apple Warranty:
The device warranty is covered by Apple in the UAE and globally at all Apple stores.

Apple Vision Pro Warranty:
Apple Vision Pro warranty is available in USA only until it is officially launched by Apple in the UAE. 

International Warranty:
The item includes a 1-year global guarantee. In the UAE, warranty approval depends solely on the manufacturer.

TRA Edition:
The product meets UAE Telecommunications and Digital Government Regulatory Authority standards and has warranty coverage within the UAE through the manufacturer. 

Accessories warranty:
Covers, screen protectors, cables, chargers and power banks are not all subject to 1-year warranty. Please contact the respective manufacturer for information regarding their warranty policies.